Upcoming Yeezy Drops for 2021

February 1, 2021

It is no doubt that the Yeezy 350 v2 will be back again in the market from February 2021 to December 2021. The 350 v2 silhouette still remains to be an exceptional taste for Yeezy Lovers. From a closer look, the 350v2 will still look the same. However, Adidas x Kanye are expected to launch different color ways of the silhouette ranging from  Yeezy 350v2 “Ash Blue” , “Ash Pearl” and “Ash Stone”. The soon to be released Yeezy 350v2 will bring much more demand for the iconic silhouette.

Upcoming Yeezy Drops for 2021

Yeezy 350v2 “Ash Blue”


The 350v2 Ash Blue is a mixture of black and grey. A teal-blue color has also been intertwined into the lower segment of the woven upper. From the first looks, it is hard to reveal the ash color of the Yeezy 350v2. This is because of the striking lemon yellow midfoot.  The lemon silhouette gives the ash a clearer view and one could easily ignore the real blue color which is visible from a distant view.

The pair actual release date is yet to be confirmed but the Yeezy 350v2 “Ash Blue” will be in the market in February. This move may be a preliminary test before they release the Yeezy 350v2 Ash Peal and Ash Stone.

The Ash Blue 350v2 looks much masculine and will sell much more to men. Moreover, the 350v2 is simple and quite comfortable to people who want a sport shoe which attracts less attention. Nice shoe especially for work-out sessions.

Yeezy 350v2 “Ash Pearl”

The 350v2 “Ash Pearl” is a piece of beauty and style. The mix of beige and cream colors gives the v2 an outstanding color. The 350v2 upper lateral section differs much from the rest. Similarly, the Ash Pearl has a striking beige and cream on the midfoot section.

The colors are easily distinguished as they blend perfectly well. Adidas x Kanye should have really considered the Ash pearl to be the first release. The outer sole has some shades of light blue colors which are not easily visible. The sole is expected to arrive in bone and light gum.

The Ash Pearl and Ash Blue do not have much distinctive features. However, the Ash Blue has a striking lemon while the Ash Pearl has a lemon color visible at the back of the sole. The Ash Pearl can blend into many fashion outfits which makes it exceptionally unique. Not to add, the beige and cream shades look comfortable and super nice to your feet. The Yeezy 350v2 Ash Pearl is set to be released on December.

Yeezy 350v2 “Ash Stone”

The 350v2 “Ash Stone” is a fine blend of chocolate and ash colors. The mock-up above shows the distinctive appearance of the Ash-stone. The name comes from the pure brown color of earth volcanic rocks. The Yeezy 350v2 “Ash Stone” design reveals much.

Firstly, the Yeezy 350v2 Ash stone has three different colors on the upper lateral part. The upper part is completely drenched in chocolate. The corresponding lateral section on the midfoot has striking muted neon orange.

The lower part is gray with chocolate intertwined. The whole design was completely chocolate before other changes were made. However, with other additional colors the design has actually turned out to be great. The outer sole is completely different from the Ash Blue and the Ash pearl.

The outer sole looks raised up a bit. The sole primary color is chocolate and light gum. Moreover, a closer look at the sole shows that the ash-stone to be much of an outdoor sport shoe. The name suggests that the Yeezy 350v2 can be used for hiking or other ground work activities. The pair colors are not much outstanding as compared to the Ash Pearl and Ash Blue. The Yeezy 350v2 “Ash stone” is set to be released on December.



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