Is the Jordan OVO 8 Worth Resale Prices?

March 15, 2018

Amidst all the rumors that Drake is considering leaving Nike and Jordan Brand, for greener pastures with Adidas, all of the attention has been taken off of the sneakers themselves. So that begs the question, “is Drake’s new Jordan 8 OVO worth paying resale for”?

Is the Jordan OVO 8 Worth Resale Prices?

The short answer, yes. The sneaker is worth the current resale price of $250-$300 USD. That is the average price of the sneaker according to Stock X. Now let me explain why.

First and most importantly, the OVO 8 retailed for $225 USD. I received mine from OVO’s website via raffle, and after shipping and handling I payed $255 USD. So right away we can see that the sneaker is basically reselling for retail prices. In a time where most sneakers worth coping are reselling for hundreds more than they retailed for, fans of this sneaker should be jumping for joy.

Secondly, despite the colorway being relatively boring, the sneaker does hold some very cool features. Most recognizable is the OVO owl logo on the pull tab on the back of both sneakers. Additionally, and my favorite part of the sneaker, is the print which reads “welcome” in gold text just inside the tongue of both shoe. While both are subtle features they make the sneaker’s connection to Drake known.

Third and finally, however you feel about the sneaker, it is still an OVO collab. And that carries a weight with it that will add instant value to any fan of the artist and his brand.

So, with all that said. I definitely think the Jordan 8 OVO is a great purchase for the current prices. As mentioned before you can pick your pair up at StockX. Or even better, if you happen to wear a size US 10 then it’s your lucky day. I happen to be selling my pair. Comment below.

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