Air Jordan 9 “University Gold “Upcoming Release

February 5, 2021

Air Jordan 9 “University Gold “Upcoming Release

The new Air Jordan 9 “University Gold” upcoming release is something you shouldn’t miss. The Jordan 9 similarly has a striking resemblance to the Air Jordan 9 “citrus”. The Air Jordan 9 is expected to be launched on January 30 2021 and will be available to major shoe retailers such as Nike. Moreover, a released mock-up of the new design shows Jordan fans what to look out for.

Firstly, the “University Gold” is a striking feature as it is visible from the jump man logo on the heel. The gold color is also visible in the counter lining, tongue, and color. It is such an exquisite taste for the black and dark charcoal covering the upper and the toe cap of the Jordan 9 “University Gold”.

The upper section of the Jordan 9 is completely dark-toned and there are no reports if the pair will still be available in other colors. Moreover, a dark-toned color completely brings out the University Gold.

Air Jordan 9 “University Gold” black midsoles are something to look out for. The midsoles resemble a light grayish outlook and differ much from the upper part.

Moreover, the midsoles portray the Jordan 9 to be much of a sports shoe. This may be a drawback to Jordan fans who like more striking colors throughout the whole shoe.

The “University Gold” is a silent masterpiece with a royal outlook. It shows courage and loyalty. Black colors do not speak much as they are simpler than other colors.

Let us talk about the heel counter of the Air Jordan 9. The heel counter also is branded with the jump man logo. So we have two logos throughout the whole pair. The logo on the outer midsole is simply plain and not enclosed in any shape. However, the logo on the heel counter is completely enclosed in a small gold circle. This makes the shoe distinguishable and easy to notice. If you are planning to spend on the new Jordan 9 “University Gold” make sure to inspect the heel counter for the jump man logo. The counter heel also is marked with the special number “23” as usual.

The lace cage of the Air Jordan 9 “University Gold” is somehow raised from the upper part. This gives the Jordan 9 a more stylish outlook from a distant view. The new release of the Air Jordan 9 mock-up has also stirred more talk among fans countrywide. Other brands such as Adidas x Kanye Yeezy have also revealed their mockups with colors such as gray and ashy colors.

Sneaker fans are already resulting in simple colors such as black, charcoal, and ash colors. This seems to be quite a major change in 2021 releases and also could mark the future of sneaker releases. You don’t need an economist to reveal that the 2021 releases such as the Air Jordan 9 “University Gold” is going to sell. The sneaker is a beauty and every campus student will soon rampage every Nike outlet to grab a pair.

Nike has come up with a real game on the “University Gold” color. The color is not splashed through-out the shoe. Also, there are no major patterns around the upper part which makes the shoe to be unique. The outer sole looks hardened and strong.

The Air Jordan 9 “University Gold” is inspired by Michael Jordan’s career after he retired from pro-basketball to play baseball. It shows the evolution of sports shoes all over the globe. The Air Jordan 9 can also be used in other sports aside from Basketball. The pair will look great especially if you buy two pairs in this romantic season. Air Jordan 9 price will be retailing from 190$.



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