Adidas Please Release These Samples

March 25, 2018

We all know Adidas has many great sneaker models. And when creating these sneakers, they create many different prototypes to test ideas for colorways, different design details, etc. The ones they like, they produce, and the ones they don’t, stay as samples. A sneaker model which has revealed a lot of samples is the Pharrell Human Race NMD. Naturally over the months and years people have gotten their hands on these samples either as a gift from someone they know at Adidas or for a hefty price. That’s not the important part, what’s important is how they look. And in my opinion, most of them look great, so great that I wish they had released in place of some of the pairs that did.

Adidas Please Release These Samples

Obviously these are my opinions and others will have different ones. Secondly, I don’t know the inner-workings that go into deciding which pairs become release paris and which don’t. All I know is that I hope we get to see a global release for some of these samples.

Check out a few of my favorites below and tell me which are your favorites.

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