A New Player’s Guide to Pickleball Gear

February 17, 2021

Pickleball—it might be the most popular sport you’ve never heard of! It’s a sport played on a court and net, with similarities to tennis, ping pong, and badminton.

A New Player’s Guide to Pickleball Gear

The sport of pickleball began in the 1960s, but has taken off in recent years, with more and more people enjoying the thrill and fun of the game. If you’re thinking of trying it out, you’re sure to love it!

However, do you know what you need to get started? To learn more, keep reading to find the top pickleball gear that all new players need.

Pickleball Paddle

All players will want to invest in their own pickleball equipment, starting with a paddle. A paddle is a personal thing, so you’ll want to purchase your own rather than try to use someone else’s.

Consider things like grip, paddle weight, and materials, trying out a few until you find one that fits your preference.

Keep in mind you’ll need two paddles for singles, or four paddles for doubles. If you frequently play with others, you might want some spares that they can borrow.


Pickleballs look similar to wiffle balls, but with smaller, circular holes. You’ll want to play with the right type of balls, as using an alternative, like a tennis ball, can be dangerous.

You should be able to find balls and paddles at any sporting goods store, or even online. They can get lost easily though, so always bring some spares along to the court.

Supportive Shoes

When playing pickleball, you’ll be moving quickly up and down, side to side, all across the court. To protect your ankles and feet, purchase supportive, comfortable shoes that will cushion your feet and protect you from injury.

Check out the top rated pickleball shoes to find the best pair for your budget. When you try on shoes, be sure to bring along socks and shop in the afternoon, rather than the morning, as our feet tend to swell slightly when we exercise.

Clothing and Accessories

What personal gear for pickleball will you need? It’s a good idea to wear lightweight, comfortable athletic clothes that you can easily move around in.

Gym shorts, t-shirts, and tanks are all fine, as you’re likely to get hot as you run around.

Players often like to wear a sweatband, gloves, eye protection, and a towel, for sweat.

Start Shopping for New Pickleball Gear So You Can Enjoy the Sport

Are you ready to start enjoying all the fun of pickleball? Once you have the right pickleball gear, you can start enjoying the sport, so use this guide to start shopping.

Luckily, you don’t need to spend a fortune on gear, as the sport requires minimal equipment. Once you have all the gear, sign up for a local class or start playing with a few friends—you’re sure to love it!

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