2021 Sneaker Trends and Noteworthy Styles

February 5, 2021

As we cautiously get into 2021, you’re probably wondering about many developments. Well, we can’t tell what’s the next big thing in tech or whether we’re about to be hauled into world war three. However, looking into the sneaker revolution, we can answer your questions about the big things brewing in the world of sneakers in 2021. After all, sneakers are often part of many of our wardrobes.

2021 Sneaker Trends and Noteworthy Styles

With the 90s revival in 2020, which was totally unexpected, what are the 2021 sneaker trends? This article will uncover sneaker trends that will have most of us excited about footwear in 2021, from athletic-inspired silhouettes to surprising comebacks and those set to continue reigning from the previous years.

High Fashion Collaborators

In recent years, collaborations in the sneakers industry are not news. What’s more, legendary and luxurious fashion labels have had a high involvement with some of the most famous partnerships being the Air Jordan x Dior Jordan 1 and the Nike x Sacai LD waffle. Both of which are expected to have big releases in 2021.

These kinds of sneakers are a true definition of urban style mixed with runway fashion. It perfectly represents the recent developments and trends in the sneakers world. High fashion collaborations are part of a look you wouldn’t want to miss out on, and it continues.

Figure 1 The Sacai x Nike Vapor Waffle ‘Dark Iris’

Color-blocked sneakers

Back in the 2000s, minimalism was a thing. Minimalist footwear such as plain white trainers was popular and has continually endured and maintained its place in the sneaker industry. However, color-blocked styles are the fresh choice currently. What’s not to love about colors? And what better way to brighten your life and the streets you walk on than with a pair of Adidas Falcon or the Sacai x Nike Vapor Waffle Dark Iris expected to be released in 2020.

Figure 2 Air Jordan Spring 2021 line up

Classic Canvas Sneakers

If there’s a type of sneakers that has withstood the test of time, Classic Canvas it is. These are classics that don’t seem to leave the market soon. They are best known to be comfy subtle. The best thing about these classic silhouettes is that everyone can rock them with almost anything. Be it your favorite pair of jeans or your floral playsuit.

Retro Runner Sneakers

Not everyone is into running, but most people love retro running shoes thanks to comfort and performance. The trainers you’d have worn on the track or to the gym are slowly maneuvering into an everyday look. With its classy style, great forefoot support, and comfort, it’s exactly what everyone needs. From the tracks to the streets, this is a trend you shouldn’t miss out on in 2021.

Figure 3 Tommy Jeans Retro Runner Sneakers

90s Revival

What we did to deserve the 90s shoe comeback in 2021, I don’t know. If you’ve had your focus on Instagram trends, you’ll notice some of the coolest sneakers popular in 2020, just as they were back in 1999. In the recent past, the sneakers industry has been going around on our behalf to bring back to life the 1990s rare fashion that thrilled an entire generation.

While the 90s have had a bad reputation when it comes to sneakers, we’re slowly seeing the beautiful pieces and reinventing them in 2021.

Figure 4 The Adidas POD-S 3.1 Sneakers

Sneakers Time to Shine

Over the years, sneakers have slowly taken over the footwear industry. And while sandals, boots, and heels are must-haves in 2021, there’s just something about 2021 silhouettes trends that makes them a go to style. Maybe it’s their comfortability that makes them stand out, or perhaps their endless style possibilities from collaborations between designers and sneaker brands. Whatever the reason, it’s time to create space on your shelves for these sneaker trends and unique styles of 2021. Don’t be left behind while the rest move to these impeccable sneaker trends. You can never own enough sneakers, so pick your favorite socks and prepare to slip on major styles by your favorite designers and brands.



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